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Gundalf Weimaraner C Litter are 2 weeks old

The weimaraner puppies are now 2 weeks old and their eyes have opened a few days ago. They are starting to be more active and are starting to walk around instead of crawling. The puppies will receive their first deworming this week and next week they will start eating solid food supplemented with mother’s milk

As suspected before there are two longhair puppies in the litter, one male and one female, I hope they will be very special puppies

Gundalf C Litter – Weimaraner

The C Litter has been born!!

Date: 3 September 2012
9 Puppies – 5 females & 4 males

This litter is the result of the mating of Leo (Gryffindore Malfoy Store of Gundalf (NSD NRD NA) with Monsoon (Mercurymagic Verca Monsoon of Gundalf (NSD NRD) and promises to deliver some super working puppies

Leo passed his Novice Shooting Dog and Novice Retriever Dog test in 2007 and was also chosen to be the Best Retriever and Best Shooting Dog that year.  Leo also passed the Natural Ability test of the HPR Club of Transvaal. His descendants are also doing very well – his one daughter Berry is a show champion and passed the NSD test and both sons from the last Gundalf litter are doing very well with Jacob also being  a show champion and Adolf having passed his Novice Shooting Dog test in 2012. Viola from the Sabaka V Litter was the Best  Retriever at the 2012 Shooting Ratings and Leo is also her father – she also passed both NSD and NRD at the ratings.

Monsoon comes from an impressive pedigree – her father was imported from Holland and her mother from Belgium, with both lines coming directly from German working lines. Monsoon did very well in the field with her passing the Novice Shooting Dog and Novice Retriever Dog tests in 2010 at the age of 7 months. Monsoon’s brother Max was the Best Retriever at the 2011 Shooting Ratings where he passed the NSD and NRD tests, and her other brother Arthur recently passed his NSD and NRD at the first Cape Shooting Ratings in 2012 and he is also a Show Champion. Her sister Cisca also passed her NSD test at the 2011 Shooting Ratings.

To enquire about puppy availability, please complete the contact form or contact me on the numbers on the contact page. To book a puppy 50% deposit is required.

My puppies leave for their owners at 8 weeks. By that time they will have been dewormed 4 times (once every two weeks), received their first inoculation and had their microchip implanted. The puppies will be registered with Kusa, however since the microchips are implanted at 6 weeks, Kusa pedigrees will only be available after the puppies have gone home so these documents along with the microchip documents will be mailed to the owners within a month after they have gone home.


Day old puppies

Sire: Gryffindore Malfoy Store of Gundalf (NSD NRD NA)

Dam: Mercurymagic Verca Monsoon of Gundalf (NSD NRD)

Gundalf B Litter at 6 weeks

The puppies are now 6 weeks old and have already been inocculated and microchipped.

Enjoy the pictures!

I still have puppies available from this litter, so please let me know if you are interested

For easy identification here are the collar colours and sex:

Dark Green – male
Solid Blue – male
Yellow – female
Light pink (large) – female
Dark pink (small) – female
Purple – female
Light blue with pattern – female
Red with pattern – female
Black – female