Weimaraner Puppies for Sale – The F Litter has been born

I would like to accounce the birth of the Gundalf F Litter of weimaraner dogs on Friday the 6th of February. There are 9 weimaraner puppies for sale – 7 male and 2 female. The parents are CH Gundalf Beach Bum NSD (Jacob) and Mercurymagic Verca Monsoon of Gundalf NSD NRD (Monsoon)

Jacob is a Show Champion and also passed his Novice Shooting Dog test. He is a son of Leo (Griffindore Malfoy Store of Gundalf NSD NRD NA) and Mandie and comes from impressive South African weimaraner dog field working lines

Jacob’s pedigree can be seen at Weimaranerpedigrees.com

Monsoon comes from an impressive working pedigree – her father was imported from Holland and her mother from Belgium, with both lines coming from German, French, Belgian and Dutch working lines.

  • Monsoon did very well in the field with her passing the Novice Shooting Dog and Novice Retriever Dog tests in 2010 at the age of 7 months.
  • Monsoon’s brother Max was the Best Retriever at the 2011 Shooting Ratings where he passed the NSD and NRD tests
  • Her other brother Arthur recently passed his NSD and NRD at the first Cape Shooting Ratings in 2012 and he is also a Show Champion.
  • Her sister Siska also passed her NSD test at the 2011 Shooting Ratings.

Monsoon’s pedigree can be seen at Weimaranerpedigrees.com

F Litter - Weimaraner puppies just born

CH Gundalf Beach Bum NSD (Jacob) being awarded one of his CCs

Mercurymagic Verca Monsoon of Gundalf NSD NRD (Monsoon) taking a break

To enquire about weimaraner puppy availability, please complete the contact form or contact me on the numbers on the contact page. To book weimaraner puppies 50% deposit is required. Puppy allocation happens on a strict First Come First Served basis, ie the one that pays deposit first has first choice

My puppies leave for their owners at 8 weeks. By that time they will have been dewormed 4 times (once every two weeks), received their first inoculation and had their microchip implanted. The puppies will be registered with Kusa and a pedigree will be supplied to the owner.