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News 29 & 30 September

This weekend was a good one for Gundalf dogs.

First Jacob got his fifth CC at the Sasolburg Kennel Club show thereby making him a Show Champion and he will soon be known as CH Gundalf Beach Bum

Then Tequila (Gundalf Aruba n Tequila of Lochnerheim) became the first Gundalf-bred dog to pass the Natural Ability test of the Transvaal HPR Club – hopefully she will be the first of many. Congratulations to her owners Martina & BJ van Dyk

Gundalf Weimaraner C Litter are 2 weeks old

The weimaraner puppies are now 2 weeks old and their eyes have opened a few days ago. They are starting to be more active and are starting to walk around instead of crawling. The puppies will receive their first deworming this week and next week they will start eating solid food supplemented with mother’s milk

As suspected before there are two longhair puppies in the litter, one male and one female, I hope they will be very special puppies